“It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time"

architectural remnants of
intentions gone awry

I have always been a sucker for lost causes, and wayward travels over the few years have put me in the path of some very interesting stories.  These photo encaustic works cover a span of venues – from the central Plains, to the waters off the Gulf Coast and across the sea to Paris.

In these places, I’ve photographed futuristic looking buildings that were built before their times or designed with fatal flaws, such as the dome houses of Cape Romano, the unfinished steel canyon dwelling of an avante garde architect, and a spaceship-looking, Finnish “Futuro” house left fallow in a Texas field. This series also includes ghostly reminders of disintegrated populations, like a stairwell leading nowhere in a Midwest ghost town or the base of an ocean bridge whose workers were put in the path of a hurricane.

Lastly, is the overgrown entrance to the long deserted “Exposition Coloniale” outside of Paris.  One of what was sometimes known as a “human zoo”, this venue put far flung, exotic cultures on display for European visitors, often at the expense of the displayed human inhabitants.

Steel House on CanyonEntree Au Zoo HumaineFuturo PasadoHalfway to AtlantisWhat Goes UpBetween The Wind and The Water