"Requiem For a Farmwife"

The images for my show came from all over the Upper Midwest and Great Plains, which are dotted with farmhouses and small towns deserted for decades, many since the Great Depression.

The idea for “Requiem for A Farmwife” came from an abandoned farmhouse that was almost too dangerous to enter, due to its extremely dilapidated condition.  Though the house appeared to be empty, there was one large, sealed tin in the pantry. Inside were aged periodicals in pristine condition, such as old Sears catalogs and vintage farming magazines.

It made me contemplate how precious these periodicals must have been to the isolated farmwives, often miles away from the nearest neighbors and great stretches away from the nearest towns.

My photographs throughout the year became small odes to objects that had been left behind: a teacup, a birdcage, wall paper remnants. I appreciated the fact even if these women had no power over matters greatly affecting their lives such as bitter winters, crashing stock markets, and their children's illnesses, they still had a small sliver of control over objects that they could use to brighten an otherwise often dreary existence.

Henry's Glasses in Mabel's PantryBooks and a BirdcageCan Opener on ToileBlue Cup, Green CabinetWindow Seat and WireFading Melody